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Termite TipsThe following tips can help you avoid termite damage:Choose a pest control management system to suit your preferences and needs for the type of construction.Understand the system of termite management and maintenance requirements for your house.Check your house and building regularly for termite activity to decrease the danger of damage.Have a pest controller inspect the house every 12 months, especially if you are in a high hazard area.  Expert inspection also needs to be done before purchasing a property with a termite free statutory declaration provided by the vendor.If you are concerned about existing or potential infestation, contact your regional pest control management company.Plumbing escapes, drainage problems and roof flows should be addressed immediately, as termites are attracted to moist conditions.Garden beds and mulching should not be constructed up against walls, as this allows termites an undetectable entry point to the building.Do not block or cover sub-floor ventilation with garden beds, mulching or paving.Do not pile materials against walls, since this can allow termites to enter without early detection.Sub-floor areas must be well ventilated ensure vents are not obstructed.Storage of cellulose products in the sub-floor area ought to be avoided.Use termite-resistant wood for functions around the property, including retaining walls.Use metal stirrups for verandas and gateposts.Regularly clean and check timber decks. .

Treating termites before construction starts can help you defend against possible claims in the future since they frequently dwell where there's a high concentration of moisture and dampness. In older houses, all these are frequent problems since they tend to reside in blocked or obstructed water supply and sewerage pipes.



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Termite treatment in pre-construction stages includes several procedures that must be done to ensure an area of termite-free construction. Treating the soil before any slab placement with insecticides have become the most common way of pest control treatment. It will form a barrier between the ground slab and masonry that will prevent the insects from approaching the building.

Treat the underside and sides of an excavation with chemical products before the onset of foundation work.Make holes in my blog the ground and fill them with chemical goods where slabs on grade will be built.Use compounds where walls and flooring intersect.Treat the perimeter of the construction by making holes full of compounds surrounding structure.Fill an area with chemical products in pipe beddings to secure the future of the pipingUse specific anti-termite chemicals to take care of the portion of the buildings were wooden products such as cabinets, doors, and others will be placed. .



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We cannot always take steps during pre-construction, but there will be means to react and catch up with a different approach.

Start with an assessment of the entire area. Determine the extent of the damage (if any), the location of the termites, access points into the structure, and their spread in the region. The following tips must be kept in mind:

As in the pre-construction process, make holes and filled them with chemicals, to create a barrier around the house.Treat the flooring and walls by drilling holes and filling them with substances. All partitions or the huge majority should be treated to ensure that no more spreading will continue.Apply substances on all points of contacts of wood with the ground or with browse around here any region of the building.Also, treat any voids in masonry with anti-termite treatment.Change and substitute wood products or furniture which have high impact and presence of termites, beyond any limit of reparation. .

When all measurements have been taken, do these actions to ensure that your place keeps free of termites.



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Keep drains and gutters clean to avoid leakage.  Make sure there are no blocked lines, no filtration nor broken pipes with excessive moisture around them.Eliminate all sources of moisture.  Do not leave unattended areas where there is a concentration of humidity. Clean those areas periodically.Apply compounds as soon as you detect places additional info where termites are congregating.Remove timber products that have experienced the presence of moisture or have been in contact with water for a prolonged time.Eliminate wood contact with the ground.

Pre-construction termite protection is essential for any commercial or residential development. Dont waste time: Flick Anticimex understands the needs of the construction industry.

We understand the importance of building a secure and protected foundation for tenants. Not only is your image and brand reputation on the line, but the integrity of the house and in turn the safety of folks who frequent the land are on the line. We support any construction jobs, from smaller scale residential developments to jobs like commercial buildings and developments. .

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